For the non-believers of Mac in the Enterprise!

Those that know me, also know that I am a bit of an Apple “fanboy”.  All of my personal devices (including my family) all have Mac/iOS devices.   I’ve personally noticed a huge uptick in adoption at my company..  It would be interesting to see if we could put some analytic around these seems numbers as IBM.. I wonder if we would compare.

MacRumors article on IBM cost savings



It’s been a while.

I really should post more often.. My last post was the middle of a snow storm in Jan of last year.. Here we are again in the middle of a ‘monster’ storm.. Still got another 18 hours of snow according to the projections, but its not looking too bad, yet…


In the middle of a New England winter

I have a hard time with ‘global warming’ when we have winters like this.. Already the snow banks are up to my shoulders, and in the middle of a cold snap with overnight lows well below zero, and daytime highs barely reaching double digits!

Its so cold, that for the first time since I purchased it, I actually used the hand warmers on my Arien’s snow blower!


Sometime we over-think things..

I am learning to look to the simple solutions..

A perfect example is today..   I have server that has been having some slowness issues on a given partition.  The OS is linux, and I have been digging around and looking at some various linux tools..  The other day I came across fio. Its a very good tool that can run a multitude of IO tests..

While I was looking at usage examples, I came across this page .

At the bottom of the page, in the comments, I came across this nugget..

Connell, Robert J Of course a more basic/less complete test can be done using DD which does not require installing anything  Examples would be:

time dd if=/dev/zero bs=1024 count=1000000 of=/tmp/1Gb.file   (Writing a 1Gb file)
time dd if=/tmp/1Gb.file bs=64k | dd of=/dev/null (Reading the 1Gb file)”

Hm…  Would would have have thought the a simple dd measuring time with ‘time’, clearly not me..

This falls back on the adage, “Not seeing the forest through the tree’s”..

2013 Hillsborough Auto Show is here!

My how time flies! The next year is upon us and the 2013 Auto show is just a few days away!   This year we have Gordon Vanderpool of New England Kustom & Collision working with the team, and he has brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the process!   The weather forecast for  Sunday is looking like near perfection..  The humidity should break, and we should have sunny skies with temps in the 80’s!  It should be an absolutely perfect day for the show!

We are getting all new (and much better) trophies!  Better classes, and hopefully much better organization!

Come down and check us out at Grimes Field in Hillsborough from 10 to 3!

Spent some time in the garage this weekend.

Admittedly, I have not had the time to spend in the garage so far this summer as I would like.. Unfortunately, as happens too often, life gets in the way.

But this past weekend I finally got to spend some ‘me’ time doing what I love the most, wrenching on real musclecar’s. My brother in law needed a little work on his 69 Nova.. He needed a ball joint replaced and had a problem in the charging system.

When it comes to GM muscle cars, I have always believed in replacing all 4 at the same time (unless of course any have been recently replaced). Turns out the one that was worn to the point of being a safety concern, was an aftermarket unit.. the other 3, which were showing only a minor amount of wear, were the factory joints! I was shocked to say the least!